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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things that I notice (and don't like) about YA books.

One thing that I keep see trending in YA is the one person to save the world kinda thing. It's not a bad premise but the way its executed its turning into the cliche. One girl/boy hits 13/16/18 inherits awesome powers and suddenly is the only thing keeping the world from total destruction. Adults are rendered incompetent. It reminds me of the new batch of superhero shows that's running on t.v. now. The problem with this is that most teenagers are the worst superheroes ever. Especially if written by a young adult, the characters are usually too cocky for my liking and irresponsible. Yes, they're supposed to be all kick-butt but I rarely see that in a way that makes me root for them. I like humble heroes and teenagers is rarely that.

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