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Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Format MS Word Page Numbers

One thing that drove me insane was the page numbers that came with my Createspace Template. They weren't exactly appropriate for my story. Go pick up a book, the closest one to me was Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Flip through it and look at how the page numbers flow with the theme of the book. Harry Potter is the exact same way. Period Romance will likely have cursive numbers. Books are works of art and these little details are great for enhancing the story.

So, how do you fix the ugly Myraid Pro numbers at the bottom of your template? If you're working with Microsoft Word 2010, then click on the bottom page until the footer section is selected.
Then on your keyboard, press, ctrl+shift+s. This brings up the Apply Styles box.
Under Style Name, select Page Number
Then click the Modify Box.
For Styles Based on, I wasn't exactly sure, so I just selected 'underlying properties'.
From this new box, you should be able to pick the font, size, italics, bold, underline and the the usual.

If you don't have MS Word 2010, here's a link to how its done on the older versions of Word. Hope it helps!

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