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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And so it begins

Something's wrong with Blackthorn High, a prestigious school hidden in the mountains for the children of the elite. Obituaries come in by the month, brutal beatings are common, and a sadistic caste system operates the students’ lives. New Muslim student, Nadia Noor, tries to adjust to her new life and keep to herself but someone is determined to drag her in. Can she live with herself not saying anything? If she dares to challenge the system, will she live at all?
For the last two years, Vincent Martinelli, has thought of nothing else than revenge for his stolen life, for the murder of his friends, and for the poisonous Rage that runs his blood. But Mr. Geppetto, the mastermind behind the secret website that regulates Blackthorn High, has always been a step ahead. Vincent’s revenge has waited long enough and the new student just might be his opportunity. But stepping in means returning to the system and the threat of reviving the monster within.

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